Why Geppetto

Most of us know the story of Pinnochio, how he was a troublesome puppet loved by Geppetto like a son, and had a longing to be a real boy. But what happens to real boys? Of course they grow up, start their own families, move on and out of their father’s life, and leave a messy empty next.

What does a parent do when the empty next becomes too much for them? Well, in Geppetto’s case he just carved a new toy, who became even more of a handful than Pinnochio. And there is where the adventure goes.

Bellarina teaches the value of real love, forgiveness, responsibility, and the answer to sadness, while at the same time warming our hearts for both Bellarina and Geppetto.

Did you know Geppetto was once married? Did you know he had a rival for “her” affections who played a significant but secret part in the old toy makers life? Oh, and there’s the Bread Baker’s widow, and the talking toys on the wall, and the silly three thieves, and ….well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out more.


(BTW…if you like this story watch for future Geppetto books…in development: “Francesco, Geppetto’s Autistic Puppet.”




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