Why Blind Man’s Run

I have a blind friend whose name is John. He’s never been an astronaut or president, as far as I know. He is a comedian, however, who once traveled the stand-up circuit, and can still share some good rib ticklers today.

John and I have talked about the destiny of the talented blind person, and how far a sightless man or woman  can go. From his experience, we know the blind can be comedians, but could they be responsible for piloting a zillion dollar space craft?  Would the voting public elect one to the highest leadership positions? And what would be the positives and negatives in their journey? It was out of these conversations I developed Johnny Aaron Moses, and pursued his destiny in writing.

Funny, I once shared the “Space” chapter with a publicist and she came all the way out to Vegas to meet both John and I. Upon meeting John she asked him “Are you the blind astronaut?” I jumped in and assured her the chapter was pure fiction, but John was my inspiration.

I am a writer who values life from conception to after death, and so I begin the story even before Johnny’s birth and finish it after his return to glory.I also believe in divine destiny, not necessarily predestination, but what a person could do if he or she allowed a holy wind to push them to and beyond their life purpose.  See the book of Ephesians, verse 2:10.

I hope you receive inspiration enough from BMR to feel the wind at your back and say yes to where it wants to take you.




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